Ghost Whisperer
Season Season 1, Episode 12
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"Undead Comic" is the twelfth episode of Season 1.


Melinda, Jim, and Andrea are at the Comedy Cave for open mic night. Andrea is set to do a comedy routine when the lights on stage start flickering. Melinda senses a dark spirit at play and tells Andrea to postpone her comedic debut.

Back at Same as it Never Was, a trail of black water leads Melinda to the back room, where the dark spirit from the Comedy Cave is floating in front of a mirror. She discovers that the dark spirit is Marty Golden, a former regular of the Comedy Cave who doesn't know how he died. The one thing he can remember is his girlfriend, Sandra Holloway, also a well-known comedian. So with this information, Melinda follows Sandra one night to a deserted bridge on the outskirts of Grandview, soon accompanied by Marty. After watching Sandra throw a bottle of wine off the bridge, Marty remembers how he died: he committed suicide by jumping off the same bridge.

Despite knowing how he died, Marty still does not remember why he killed himself. After going to see Sandra perform at the Comedy Cave, Melinda approaches her backstage to ask her some questions about Marty. Sandra throws Melinda out of her dressing room, with Marty present, after she reveals that she knows Marty killed himself. Marty then remembers the argument he and Sandra had the night he died: Sandra had gotten a chance to go overseas as a professional comedian, while Marty had not. Marty begins to believe he killed himself because Sandra was going to Europe.

Later, Melinda and Andrea are preparing to return to the Comedy Cave when Sandra bursts into the store and demands to know if Melinda can really see Marty. Melinda confirms this by telling her Marty's scenario of why he killed himself. Sandra completely disagrees and says Marty committed suicide because she wouldn't go to Europe to follow her dreams. Marty agrees with this and Melinda and Sandra leave for the Comedy Cave. The episode ends with Marty sitting on stage watching Sandra perform her comedy act, after which he crosses over into the light.


Melinda Gordon - Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Jim Clancy - David Conrad

Andrea Marino - Aisha Tyler

Marty Golden - Jed Rees

Sandra Holloway - Elaine Hendrix

Francie Lewis - Katey Segal

Stan Rosenfeld - Steve Landesberg

Danny Small - Reginald VelJohnson

Laine Fairfax - Mo Gaffney

Bob Mittleman - Matt Champagne

Bryce Avalon - Dominque Purdy