Ghost 3

Season 3 DVD Cover

In Season 3 Melinda searches continually for her father, strongly believing that he is dead, and also for her brother. She speaks with her mother who does not give her much information other than that Melinda and Jim have to leave Grandview because of all the evil spirits. Melinda also learns that Beth had once lived in Grandview. In the fifth episode "Weight of What Was," Gabriel arrives at her home saying that he is her half-brother and that he is also looking for their father. He was staying in a hotel under the name Gabriel Gordon. He hands Melinda a package that leads her to an underground church that had been buried as well as to her ancestor, Tessa, who was also a "ghost whisperer." Tom Gordon reveals to her a little bit about her past. Melinda and Jim later on have a discussion about having children and Melinda agrees on having one. From some point in the show Melinda is haunted by a ghost who is known as (Masked Man) at first. Towards the end of the season, Tom Gordon shows up in Grandview alive. It is revealed, however, that Tom Gordon is not her biological father. She asks her mother to be absolutely honest with her and tell her everything. Her mother reveals the fact that her birth father is really a man named Paul Eastman. At the very end of the season, what seems to be a happy moment is spoiled when Payne makes a shocking observation. He points out the fact that there are six people lined up (Delia, Beth Gordon, Ned, Jim, Melinda, and Payne himself), yet there are only five visible shadows.

There are 18 episodes in Season 3:

The Underneath

Don't Try This at Home

Haunted Hero

No Safe Place

Weight of What Was

Double Exposure

Unhappy Medium

Bad Blood

All Ghosts Lead to Grandview

Holiday Spirit


First Do No Harm

Home but Not Alone

The Grave Sitter

Horror Show

Deadbeat Dads


Pater Familias