Rick Payne
Portrayed by Jay Mohr
Profession Professor at Rockland University (Occult)
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Family Kate Payne - wife
Current Status Alive


Payne usually wears a button down shirt with a tie, and jeans or kakis. He keeps his hair short and usually swept to the right.


Payne likes to make jokes a lot. He is an amusing character throughout the series. He helps Melinda study things and people when she needs help with an earth-bound spirit. Although quite charming and funny, he tends to stay single. He keeps to himself a lot, spending most of his time in his office. He can be witty and often rude. He has a low amount of patience, but often helps Melinda without hesitation. He is a good friend of Melinda, but has a somewhat distant relationship with Jim, implied later in the show that he might have had a romantic interest in Melinda. He is much kinder on the inside then he lets on.