Ghost Whisperer
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date October 7, 2005
Written by John Gray & Jed Seidel
Directed by Ian Sander
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A young girl, Natalie, is placed in a psychiatric facility for her strange behavior following her identical twin sister Zoe's death. While on a field trip in town, Natalie runs away from her group and tries to hide in Melinda's shop. Melinda quickly realizes that Natalie's "abnormal" behavior is due to her sister haunting her. Zoe is earthbound because of a devastating secret she took with her to the grave: she slept with Natalie's boyfriend while intoxicated and while Natalie was asleep.


Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  1. Tom Irwin as Steve Harper
  2. Jessica Collins as Zoe / Natalie Harper
  3. June Squibb as Grandma
  4. Kim Miyori as Dr. Keiko Tanaka
  5. Mel Rodriguez as Owen
  6. A.J. Trauth as Tom
  7. Stephanie Nash as Barbara Harper


  • Zoe Harper
  • Unknown Male Spirit
  • Unknown Female Spirit