Ghost Whisperer
Season 5, Episode 1
Air date September 23, 2009
Written by John Gray
Directed by Jennifer Love Hewitt
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Plot SummaryEdit

Melinda's baby is born, but five years later she still fears his birthday curse. While trying to give Aiden a normal childhood and help him deal with his gift, she finds herself battling a ghost for his life.

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Featured MusicEdit

  • Hang On - Olivia Broadfield.
  • This Woman's Work - Kate Bush.
  • All I Need - Brightwings.
  • Behind Tainted Glass - Luccia Dee.
  • All You Are - Above Envy.


Melinda: Sometimes I just wish you were less of a watcher and more of a talker. I mean, people almost got hurt.

The Watcher: That's how we learn. All of us living and dead. And besides, it's the rules.

Melinda: God, you have an answer for everything.

The Watcher: If I did, there'll be no need for us to watch with there.

Jim: (about Aiden) You don't want him to know he's connected to you?

Melinda: No, if he did then he'd know that his dreams aren't really his. I want his dreams to belong to him like any little boy.