Andrea Marino
Andrea Marino
Portrayed by Aisha Tyler
Profession Melinda's partner at Same As It Never Was
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Love Never Dies
Episode Count 23
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Family Mitch Marino (brother)
Father (deceased) (unnamed)
Current Status Deceased

Andrea Joyce Marino worked in New York, as a lawyer, until she moved to Grandview. She then obtained a job at The Same As It Never Was, the antique store owned by Melinda Gordon.

Through working together, Andrea became Melinda's best friend. Melinda told Andrea her ability when Andrea was being haunted by a ghost that used to live in her apartment. Later, Andrea is killed in a plane crash. Andrea was unaware she died. She dies when her car was in the path of the plane while trying to reach her brother, Mitch's, apartment. Romano wanted to make her one of his new followers. In the end, she made peace with Mitch and crossed over into the Light