Aiden Lucas
Portrayed by Connor Gibbs
Profession Student
First Appearance Birthday Presence
Last Appearance The Children's Parade
Episode Count 22
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Family Melinda Gordon (mother)
Jim Clancy (father)
Faith Clancy (paternal grandmother)
Aiden Clancy (paternal grandfather, deceased)

Daniel 'Dan' Clancy (uncle, deceased)
Beth Gordon (maternal grandmother)
Paul Eastman (maternal grandfather, deceased)

Current Status Alive


Aiden has dark brown hair and green eyes. 


In the episode "Birthday Presence", Aiden was born on September 25, 2009. The Book Of Changes predicted his birth.

During his birth, Melinda needed an emergency C-section and Aiden suddenly went into fetal distress in the operating room. Carl, a Watcher, warned Melinda of her child’s power and the danger he may come into, and told her that Fate and Free Will would work together to decide whether or not the baby would live. When he was born, Aiden was not breathing, but he suddenly recovered to full health. Later in recovery, Melinda told Jim they would name the baby Aiden Lucas after Jim's father and Sam.

The show then jumps into the future to the year 2014 as they are celebrating Aiden's fifth birthday. Every year on his birthday something bad always happens; Delia and Melinda call it a birthday curse. Every year Aiden would strangely get sick or something would happen to Melinda or Jim. However, Aiden was actually being haunted by the ghost of a woman who died in childbirth while Melinda was giving birth to Aiden. The woman believed Aiden was the spirit of her dead son and she haunted Aiden every year on his birthday.

Melinda discovered this and found out that the ghost's son Tyler was actually alive and safe with his biological father and adoptive mother. Aiden saved Tyler in a bowling accident and Melinda helped the woman go into the light.

Later Carl revealed to Melinda that Aiden is an empath and can feel and experience other people's emotions. That is why he would get sick every year on his birthday, and why something went wrong with his birth. Aiden is also psychically connected to Melinda but Melinda does not tell Aiden this because she wants him to have a normal life. The Book of Changes has an entry beside Aiden's name which reads "When the leaves fall, so will the Innocent", which Melinda worries that it means that something bad will happen to Aiden. It is also shown that Aiden can see things that Melinda can't see- the 'Shinies' and the 'Shadows

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Aiden has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts as his mother does, but can also see spirits he calls "the shinies." Aiden is also an empath and has a connection with his mother.